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It's your time to create using any studio art materials you like!


  ​​  11am - 2pm


   by reservation only !

Open to the community

- All ages (please supervise children under 12)

- Not facilitated, you decide what you create

- Suggested donation $5 (more if you like)

- Donations fund our Art Abilities program

​Yippee!  No teacher, no judgment and the right way to create is your way.  Just a walk around the studio will inspire ideas and spark creativity. Focus on expression then trust the process and the results will be fantastic.


Who comes to Open Studio sessions?  Artists who enjoy an exciting array of unique materials, individuals who have no formal art skills, but seek a fresh method of self-expression, or those who are looking for a creative community will all delight in their discovery.  It's a magical place.

Create anything you can imagine from tons of supplies... paint, pastels, collage and clay to mosaics, jewelry and found objects.  


will be closed

  • 1/13

  • 3/30

  • 5/25

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